Our Mission:                                                                                 

To provide each and every person the opportunity to get the career they have always wanted.  

We empower jobseekers to take action by joining a mission that improves their own lives as well as the lives of those they serve.

Our Vision:

To revolutionize the non-profit job search process, and connect top talent with top positions at top organizations.

Employing for Mission aligns people and their passion, one resume at a time.

Why choose E4M?

Employing for Mission is a global job board specific to nonprofits that bridges the gap between top talent and their desire to find the right mission to support. 

We have the ability to work hand in hand with a veteran Human Resources Management team that constantly sources for top tier talent. 

Aadmi Consulting works alongside the leading applicants at Employing for Mission to find the best jobs and match them to the best talent. 

Global presence:

Employing for Mission is based in Boston, MA and connected to deep networks in the United States, Africa, and Europe.  

We have a presence in the global market and continue to grow on a domestic and international level.  

We have the connections you need to get your career on the right path.

Why choose non-profits?


Non-profits offer the same career opportunities that a for-profit company does.

It is a common misconception that non-profits are not competitive in the job market.  

As a result of this, many jobseekers fail to see the true opportunity and growth potential when working for a non-profit organization. 


In addition to competitive pay, non-profits give you the added bonus of feeling good about the impact of your work every single day.

  • Nonprofits are global operations allowing for employment opportunities extending past any particular country’s borders
  • Nonprofits are responsible for paying more than $540 billion in wages annually to the United States economy
  • In the United States, non-profits account for 11.4 million—roughly 10.3% of the total U.S. workforce
  • Employees have opportunities for faster growth at an organization, above average compensation, and a purpose to go to work every day

Employing for Mission will allow you to browse, connect to, and apply for nonprofit organizations today! 




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