International HR Consulting Firm Aadmi Consulting Announces Launch of EmployingForMission

For the acclaimed HR consulting firm Aadmi Consulting, working with non-profits has always had a special place in their hearts.  Recently, the company announced to continue their efforts to help organizations in this area by launching EmployingForMission, a job search website dedicated to non-profit groups.


There's no doubt that non-profit groups often face unique challenges when it comes to staffing and other important HR-related issues.  Over the years international HR consulting firm Aadmi Consulting has done whatever they could to assist non-profit groups in these important areas.  Recently, in a continuation of this drive to give back to their community by helping non-profits Aadmi Consulting has announced the launch of EmployingForMission, a job board website exclusively for non-profit groups.  The hope is the new site will help organizations staff themselves as well as simplifying the process of connecting qualified workers to jobs in the non-profit sector.


“We are excited about EmployingForMission, not only as a continuation of our support to the sector, but also as a platform that we believe could bring together top talent with leading missions,” commented  Daniel Mendieta, co-founder of both Aadmi Consulting and EmployingForMission. “It really offers an all around win/win.”


According to the company, the platform features high quality candidates for the sector.  It also specializes in local hires, delivering even more value to users who realize a local person is often the best fit for the position they need filled.  Over the next few months more features are planned including resources for training on interviewing, sample forms, recruitment process documents and much more.


Early feedback for the new board has been very positive.


John C., from Washington, recently said, “We are a small non-profit and EmployingForMission is a very valuable resource.  Five stars and fully recommended.”


For more information be sure to visit http://www.aadmiconsulting.com and http://employingformission.com.



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